My first Japanese Spitzes




 LP Aramis


born 1979 Sire NORDuch Merrihills Sesam -Dame Ceholms Yurika

Aramis was a very nice and friendly dog who have had a terrible start in life.

But he loved to live and work, he became my best friend nomather what

He came he saw he won

He was also the father of my second litter and he is still a part of a lot pedigrees here in Scandinavia today



Such Jimroy´s Geisha

I bought her 1980 and she was a really feminin bitch

She was also a very dear friend and we chared a lot of good time together

She had two litters and from this litters a lot of breeders today are still having her on their pedigrees

!984 she got her championship and with that she was my first show Champion

Loved her more than life and miss her a lot