Kennel History and a little bit about myself:

Me and my horse showjumping 1979 - The new generation at Isumi´s: Elin as a young girl-Elin today with her belowed Koryna

Elin is my best friend and soulmate. Her feeelings for animals comes natural, just something she is born with.

She is the daughter of my best friend since my teens.


                                                                                    Devil                           and                       Tassa                                                 Jim-Roy´s Geisha my first Champion

I started as so many others my show and breeding with German Sheepard.

I breed some litters during the sixtees, but even do I loved my dogs very much, the thoughts of having a smaller breed growed stronger. After some years of looking and serching, I got stucked on the Japanese Spitz. Their mentality and look really got me. I have never liked big lazy dogs and the Japanese Spitz had verything I loved in a dog.

I got my first JS 1980 Jim-Roy´s Isumi, unfortunatly she had a very strong problem with her bite so she was not for breeding and showing. Shortly after that I was lucky to be able to buy another bitch Jim-Roy´s Geisha, sha had it all. She was a strong and lively lady. And she became my first champion and also the mother of my two first litters of JS.                             Not long after I was lucky to recive a male, the owner couldnt keep him and he moved in with me and my dogs.

Aramis was the most loving dog you ever could have, he was my soulmate in life. We had many nice a happy moments together, and do he wasn´t the most good looking male you could dream of, he was the male when it came to mentality. He was my obidience mate and we competed in obidience with very good results.

Unfortunatly I had to give up my life with my dogs under some years. You know how life can be one day its good and the other day  everything is gone. And it wasn´t until 1996 that I stated looking for a new JS, and 1999 I found what I was looking for. FINALY !

That´s where I am today, I am lucky to say that I have some really good friends today who I have a very good relation with. And it helps a lot to have that.

My dogs today are realted with the australian bloodlines  from Silverbow Storm Boy, who I was very lucky to recive from my dear friend Katrina Sandell from Kiraleeá kennel. My bitches Rowleys Neon Flash and Rowleys Oriental Pearl To Isumis are my oldies and they are both pedigreed from the first bloodlines who came to Sweden. Neon Flash is also a grandgrandgrand child to my first JS Geisha , so lucky as I am I recived my old dogs back.  And I am really enjoying to be able to work with very good dogs.

Strong, healthy dogs have got me and my lovely puppyowners many good looking nice offsprings. Today I have three and four generations from my dogs, all of them with good results from shows and other diciplines. I am a lucky person!!

My studdogs are used with limit and I prefer quality before quantity. The goal is beautiful dogs in a healthy body, to breed dogs that can give me and my friends a dog to live with during many years.

 The man in my life

My Grandfather and my son

My grandfather is my biggest ideal. He was agreat man who gave me and my family a growth many would be jealous about. He had the biggest heart and was very intelligent.  He was a magician and manged to do everything. It was him who gave me the great gift to be able to grow up together with animals and nature. And then I have my little son, he is not so small any longer nearly 2 meters and 26 years old but he is my best friend and we have a really good relation. He is very similare to me, have his own mind and loves computers and animals. But he loves cats and Australian Cattle dogs. His interest for JS is when he comes home and cuddle with them.

Thank you so much for visit my website Hope to se you here again soon !!!